Experience of a Lifetime!! 4th degree Knights Recruitment Plea
The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic men's fraternal organization
in the world with close to 2 million members.  The charitable contributions
of this organization number in the millions of dollars and thousands of hours
each year.  As a fraternal society, there is also a world-class benefits arm
available to the members and their families.

So, if you are Catholic gentleman 18 years of age or older and are in good
stead with the Church, please consider becoming a member.  Click on the
button below and find out more about the Knights of Columbus.

I became a Knight of Columbus in February 1991. It is the second best decision of my life. I have become closer to my God and have truly endorsed the Christian and Catholic ideals during this time. The brotherhood of the Knights is something that I feel all Catholic men should endorse and become a part of. By the way, the best decision I made in my life was to marry my bride of over 40 years!! Jerry Scannell, webmaster
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